Medieval Tool Construction (under construction)

Why a page on medieval tool making? Well we are not only medievalists but true living history enthusiasts who maintain a medieval workshop. "Priors Forge"  is where construction of goods as they were made in period can be achieved by our membership.  This allows a more serious study of medieval technique than offered by other groups.

    PDFs and plans coming soon (Based on the videos below in many cases.)

The video below is not my own but an example of a period style plane. The one I build and will teach others how to make is a Krenov Style Hand Plane that can be modified to the time and era of what we do rather readily. See some of the 13th century planes here, they are basically Krenov style block planes.

Period Construction.

  Modern Construction

A Modern way to construct this period saw. By black walnut studio.

Creating Basic Blacksmithing tools

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