Swordbelts of the Crusader era

The sword (16) has a leather-covered wooden grip (16a), and an undecorated,
disc-shaped iron pommel (16b) and quillons (16c). It has a gold cross inlaid
in the blade (16d), and a fuller-groove down the blade, which can be seen 
more clearly in the cross-section detail (16e).

The scabbard (17) is made of wood and covered in leather, with a copper chape
 at the base (18), a detail of which is shown (19). It is attached by a 
 knotted leather sword-belt. Two details of the top of the scabbard are shown:
 the first shows the leather sleeve around which the belt laces or straps are
 tied (20), and the second shows the rear of this, with the straps attached (21).

 Pewter and leather period belt made by Prior Helmut