This Section is for New Members not belonging to other societies with pre existing personas. (Or those wishing a more period one.)
                   So your creating a Persona and your wondering what Religion you would be. Well just like today you had choices and it would reflect who you were.
Most Europeans were Catholic, but not all. Likewise most middle-easterners were followers of Islam. Here is a start of what was period.
Christianity (Catholic, Armenians, Copts, Greek Orthodox (Melkites), Jacobites, Maronites and Nestorians)
      And it's "heresies" (here's some)

Islam  (Sunni, Shiites)
                     And it's "heresies" (here's some)
             The Khawarij
             The Isma'ilis
             The Druze

      Jews in the Middle Ages.
      Sicut Judaeis (the "Constitution for the Jews") was the official position of the papacy regarding Jews throughout the Middle Ages and later.
                The first bill was issued in about 1120 by Calixtus II, intended to protect Jews who suffered during the First Crusade, and was reaffirmed by many popes, even until the 15th century.
      The history of the Jews and the crusades
      Jewish philosophy
Finding your Personas Religion
First find out where you want to be from, then pick a faith. Think of what you could achieve if you were of that setting and faith. Choose an era, then put
everything together.

With some effort and research you should have no problem getting started.

     Note. We discourage any personas without documented practice.  If it's a pre-existing persona that's fine, just understand we are an educational group.
This includes post 13th century Christianity, post 13th century Paganism and post 13th century Heresies (such as The Hussite Heresy, Lollardism, Conciliarism)
Pagans and heretics (see list above) are allowed with documentation, we are just asking they keep in mind it would be hidden from others while playing your persona, 
Outright fantasy personas, elves, orcs, wizards, ect will be mocked and dismissed, as we are an educational group.

Research is the Key!

After all it's a crusader village in the medieval era.  Keep it intelligent, keep it realistic and remember your not supposed to be a character
...but a real person of the era.

We do not condone nor forbid any period faith mentioned above, our purpose it to simply state what faiths were realistic and period to the era.

This is not a judgement, use of heretic is used historically and not to offend.