Relics (of Tortosa, Prior Helmut and the Semé-de-lis merchant house.)File:Blson Famille be de PoederlĂ©.svg

Holy Relic's in Tortosa and within medieval reenactment. How to deal with history, and not offend others within reenactment.

Prior Helmut of the Outremer Society collects AUTHENTIC relics within reenactment and "sells*" relics in persona. This was a common medieval practice, and clergy in the Holy Land depended upon it to attract tourism and trade.  Lord Marcolo has also been granted the right to sell Holy relics by the Patriarch of Antioch as well in persona. So it's more than a way to add revenue to the local church but a family business. The del Mare brothers Marcolo and Helmut have ran the merchant house Semé-de-lis dealing with Holy Relics in persona for 25+yrs.

(Note: This is within living history, Prior Helmut, and the Patriarch of Antioch both being reenactors not actual clergy. Also we do NOT SELL actual 1st or 2nd class relics, as that would be offensive and is not allowed under Church law. What we sell are mostly prop replicas and reliquaries that that may or may not contain a 3rd class relic. This is within the rules of Church and should not offend anyone while staying within the practice as it was in period).

Documentation on relic, sealing, adding red thread and wax seal to new relic will cost extra. This seal will be Prior Helmut's to distinguish between relics made by him and authentically sealed relics by the catholic and orthodox Churches.

Relics of Tortosa                      Relics of Jesus ChristCrown Of Thorns

Crown of Thorns, part of (Worn on the head of Christ) 1st class relic (NOT FOR SALE) (bought to save and restore which is allowed.)

The Holy Lance, The Spear of Destiny, the Spear of Longinus (Replica, but soon a 2nd class relic of Christ as it will be touched to a 1st class relic of the Crown of Thorns, and touched to 2nd/3rd class relics of the True Cross. Perhaps most interesting is the spear is an actual reliquary for a 3rd class relic of the Holy Lance within it.) (NOT FOR SALE)

Relic of the Robe of Christ (Touched to part of the Purple Robe of Christ. ) 3rd class Relic

Relic of the Holy Whip 3rd class Relic

True Cross Relics (Touched to the True Cross At The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher)

Non-period/Modern Saints (NOT FOR SALE)

Other items of interest held by the Priory (Some is modern

Oddities and Obscura (NOT FOR SALE, unless mentioned by a green  then they are for sale at medieval events we attend.)Unicorn and reptiles, 17th c. engraving