We acknowledge that many who wish to participate with the Outremer Society will already be members of a medievalist group such as the following groups.

MSR inc. MSR (Medieval Scenarios and Recreations) is a top notch reenactment society that bases their culture on the Crusader era but spans 1000-1600 (!).
      Almost all titles will convert directly to your persona within the Outremer Society. Late period titles will not but everything else should in general..
Tortosa is a Bailiwick within the Kingdom of Acre.

SCA,inc The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is the worlds largest and oldest medievalist group that covers dark age to vikings to the 1600's. 
Only MEDIEVAL titles will pass on to your Outremer Society persona (Knighthood,Nobility,etc) but late, modern or fantasy titles will be ignored. 
We will acknowledge the Kings and nobles for Kingdoms as visiting dignitaries.
    But we will call them your Grace, as is period, not the post-medieval overused "Your Majesty" as it is more Hollywood than medieval.

Markland medieval militia- As above

Other Medieval Societies- In general as above..