The City of Tortosa

                Also see the City Guard. (Decided by the Captain)

                Also see the Foresters (Decided by the Sheriff) 

Castle Tortosa (a Templar Castle protecting the village and priory)

                       The Castellan was the occupation of the person who had been appointed as Custodian, or in charge of, the castle

                       The Chamberlain, was a title that originated with an officer of a royal household who was responsible for the Chamber, which included the administration of the Lords household's budget. This occupation was later extended to collecting revenues and paying expenses. 

                This is the Security Heads title in Castle.         

                       The Janitor, or Porter, is responsible for the main Castle entrance and for the guardrooms. The Janitor also insured that no one entered or left the castle without permission.  

                       The room in the castle called the wardrobe was intended as a dressing room and storage room for clothes and used by Lord of the castle. The Keeper of the Wardrobe was in charge of the tailors and laundress. In our society this person in in charge of loaner garb and answering new members questions on garb.

                       It is the duty of a Knight to learn how to fight and so serve their Lord according to the Code of Chivalry. We offer knights who serve the Keep a small plot, making them landed in return for service and protection. Knights who join the Templars are given added perks.

    Got the spurs? Now get the lands.

                      The Steward took care of the castle estate and household administration including the events in the Great Hall. This occupation was also referred to as a Seneschal

                     The Watchmen is an official at the castle responsible for security.



The Diocese of Tortosa

(We accept the Holy Curia of Medieval Ecclesiastic Reenactors  as our "church")  This is historical reenactment done with respect.

Other Holy Orders.


The Priory of Tortosa

General Chapter (Templar Reenactment) Unconnected to city hierarchy above, but tied to Castle)

Our Lady of Tortosa Templar Nunnery

More to come.