Nobility is not a great focus within the Outremer Society but is part of it. We do allow people to earn nobility but not start with it unless they have earned it within a recognized medievalist group such as Markland, the SCA inc, or MSR, inc. Nobility can thus carry over from these groups, but may need to have their terms changed to MEDIEVAL terms if not medieval.  Of course these are in our OS events, and we respect the ways you later period folks do it at yours.

                                Example Kings were called "Your Grace", in medieval times, "Your Majesty" is a renaissance/hollywood term.

While we do not have Royalty, per sayTortosa (while a separate legal entity) recognizes the Kingdom of Acre as it's crown, but is church lands are controlled by the Templars and outside the authority of any King. Tortosa pays taxes/tithes to Acre each Pennsic as Tortosa in many ways is a colony of it's culture..

We do have courts and in instances where royalty is needed the Bishop, Mayor or Prior can serve suit, or a local visiting Noble of high rank.

In Montana

In our reenactment we are on the outskirts of the Great city of Tortosa on the road. It's controlled by the Templars and is effectively outside the authority of the Church or any King. Its a multi-regional, multi-ethnic, multi-religious area with merchants and clergy holding more influence than landless nobles (and landed ones as well).

Every month starting in 2024 will have monthly news to happen be it a Saracen invasion or a shortage of silk shipments to a over-harvesting of tyre purple or what have you. These outside news are to add local flavor and give the society a greater feel as a whole.