August 31st 2015

Coins minted for the Kingdoms of Acre and Artemisia. Will be sent out this week.

Huge collection of Holy Relics acquired by the Priory.

Blacksmithy Project continues. Buying of a full sized anvil was decided.

Creation of a period Carp Pond has been discussed for Fishkeeping.

August 2015

New recipes, and how to articles on making oak gall ink, hide glue, period spice mixes and edibles, tempera paint, etc.

Blacksmithy has been increased in size and Home Depot will do the setup.. A side outdoor coal/charcoal forge will be under a 12x10 awning to the side.

An 1890 hand-crank drill press has been purchased, as has a hand cranked grinder.  As the smithy will NOT have electricity.

The leather workshop has all the basic tools all delivered by Amazon. 

The upstairs are will be locked from Members access EXCEPT when art classes are being taught.

Work table finished, most tools now squired. NEW

July/August 2015

Well howdy folks from the benevolent Prior Helmut.  Tortosa has a HUGE announcement, as Tortosa Forge is getting a new home.

A small two story 12 by 20 foot Blacksmithy and Leather workshop is being built behind Tortosa Manor. It will be open to membership when complete and will include space for pottery and armoring as well. Ave!          
Local Event

August 8th is "Castle Siege" a local SCA event where I'll be holding a workshop on pewter casting and carving of soapstone molds. Held at Rocky Creek Farm, check the Shire of Silverkeep web page for details. Event Over

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