Membership in the Outremer Society has multiple options. Our starting membership is, let us say, "no frills." With it you can fully participate, earn bezants and contribute. You just don't get voting privileges and can not hold office in corpora, the BoD but may have lesser offices.

The next level up is a Contributor's membership. These members are PAID members and have full voting privileges and can hold office in corpora. They also get a membership card that they must present when voting.

Sponsor Members are like contributors, with all rights associated with membership, but they do not have to have their card present to vote and enjoy other benefits within the society. (Their contributions pay for this website, after all.) Patron Members and Royal members get other rights.

Patron and Royal memberships are available, inquire.

Student ID's give a $5 discount, Spouse's membership has no discount as basic membership is free. See our Membership Form (PDF).

Fellowships are available to paid members after 2 years, Senior Fellowships in 5yrs and application to the Board of Trustees after 10.

Our Newsletter will be both online and in print, Print subscriptions cost has yet to be decided