Prior Helmut has tried a few attempts to fund, purchase an run a medieval manor, village etc. He found it untenable with the limited resources and interested parties in Bozeman. As a successful businessman it became obvious that logistically we just did not have a population to develop it as it should be. (Link to the former Medieval Village project.)

So he decided to sell off some of his lands to buy a small 5000 sf Manor to reside on in the modest hills of Tortosa (Bozeman.) It is the studio to his arts and personal retreat from the chaos of modernity.  Yes he's still looking to build a medieval village, closer to his home in the city of Bozeman on a smaller scale of a dozen or so buildings if land becomes available for a reasonable cost

The site is open to Outremer Society members for Blacksmith, foundry casting and assorted crafts and arts, From smithing your own feast gear to making your own armor. Tortosa has you covered. We have teachers for Brewing, leatherworking, carving and the arts, For painting and paint making, ecclesiastical art, woodworking, and much much more. (Just call ahead first, verified members will get a key to the Medieval Smithy being built upon the South west Lawn.

Period Gardening

This is closer view of the south east yard. Members are not only allowed but encouraged to set up small period gardens on the grounds if they have no space themselves to do so where they live.

Blacksmithing and Armoring

Heat up the forge, grab a hammer and get to work...just bring the lump charcoal you use.


A sewing room is available for scheduled Arts and Science days where garb is can be fabricated by members. If enough people show interest in garb making an embroidery machine will be purchased.

Local Feasts (Mini-events)

Since Tortosa Manor is a large estate with ample parking and facilities we will be having "Tortosa Events" on site here. Sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors and always local as it's centrally located and within 5 minutes of the Hospital, the Lindly Center and Rocky Creek Farm.

Ecclesiastical arts, etc

A view of Crown Mountain

"Some men live in hovels to wear hats like kings...those peaks are my crown." The Benevolent Prior Helmut.