Useful Links
MSR,inc The Kingdom of Acre, the best medieval reenactment group east of Montana. While their time frame is really wide (1000-1500 AD) they make a quality attempt to be period. They reenact the whole spectrum of Crusader life and inspired the Outremer Society more than any other group. If you live on the East coast join them now! In fact Tortosa is also a Bailliwick within the Kingdom of Acre, and pays taxes to it.

The Priory of Tortosa the Priors group, not household as it's open to members of other households. The face of the Outremer Society in other groups.

Shire of Silverkeep (SCA) The local shire that we live in within the great Kingdom of Artemisia. King Damon signed the Templars Charter!

Barony of Safad Prior Helmut was brought into the Templars by Robert de Tyre, in the year of our Lord 1999.

Baillie of Sidon run by Brother Modar the Unknown

The Company of the Outremer. Great bunch of guys, originally the Commandery of Antioch.

The Ozark Medieval Fortress Check this out!

Crusade Reenactment 11-13th century reenactment in the UK. Very period and accurate.

Hospitallers of St. John of Caid Not Templars but we forgive them for that :)

The Hospitallers of England and Ireland. Reenactment of our brother hospitallers over the pond.

Bozemanites practice their knight moves local writeup on the SCA.

Markland Medieval Militia


Geforthian Strandi (USA) 850 - 1150 Regia Anglorum US site - Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Dane, Norse, Cymru, Viking and Norman living history.

Stefan's Florilegium Archive A useful site.

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies Lots of primary documents.

Was the Church Corrupt? A must read for all the haters.

The Holy Curia They reenact aspects of the Medieval Church within many reenactment and recreationist groups. Top notch!

The Holy Bible: Douay Rheims Version It's the Vulgate in English.

The Society of Creative Anachronism A huge medieval/renaissance group, it's the largest recreationist group out there.

It's the Microsoft of medievalism and a lot of fun. Their wars are breathtaking and those wanting to fight must join this group to do so. Or fight within the conventions of another society thats insured..

Another reason to join this group is to go to their events, something many of us do as a group.

Footwear of the Middle Ages Cool!

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library.

--- Other Links not Medieval but of interest to Those in Bozeman and Montana ---CS1 Modern war reenactment using Airsoft BB guns