The Outremer Society is an academically based study and living history group. 

We do do this by "reenacting life of this period of time", by dressing and recreating the methodology and practices of people from the 11th to 13th centuries. We recreate these lost skills and promote their continued study in our modern age.

Locally in Bozeman we do this also through medieval feasts and planned events. By having open workshops at "Tortosa Manor", where you can use the forge, or do period pottery in our outdoor kiln. By teaching weekly and monthly classes in assorted topics and holding workshops for people to work on projects.

    We provide classes, workspace and instruction of period skills aimed at the modern hobbyist. The Outremer Society has huge resources locally to medievalists seeking a richer period experience into their areas of study.

   Armoring (For use in groups like MSR,inc & SCA, inc.)   Brewing (Beers at Marcolo's Brewery)
   Blacksmithing (Prior Helmuts forge, at Tortosa Manor.)  Camping in period (How to make period pavilions and gear for camping.)
   Garb Making & Sewing (At Tortosa Manor.)                    Leatherworking (At Tortosa Manor.)
   Medieval Furniture Building (Location varies)                Period Tool building (At Tortosa Manor.)
   Pewter Casting (Tortosa Mint, at Tortosa Manor)             Coin Making (Tortosa Mint, at Tortosa Manor) 
   Soapstone Carving (Tortosa Mint, Tortosa Manor)          Carving Ivory,bone,antler, and horn (At Tortosa Manor.)

Our page on getting together your first set of Garb, or Crusader era costume

Other Medievalists SCA/MSR/ETC...

We welcome all reenactor groups and all people to enjoy our little slice of the dream. For those in the SCA look at the Outremer Society as a focused group of personas living in a crusader city near Silverkeep. We are a friendly independent palatinate aimed at mutual goals with each-other.

Mundanely we are looking for more as medievalists, seeking to concentrate our energies to the local Bozeman area. Creating a more authentic experience by basing our city on an actual place and time in history. This allows interwoven persona stories and context to our reenactment. (This was the purpose of the original village project, perhaps to be reborn closer to the Priors manor.)

We also want more local medieval events. Our goal is to hold at least Two major events, and 12-24 minor events per year. (2016 will have one event and 6 minor events at least as planned.)

How can we do it? Money, we have over 20 times the budget of the local medievalist group and don't have to answer to a national group limiting a group to just a few events a year. As everyone knows that's not how it was in period, and our interests are fostering period medievalism as it was in the 11th-13th century..

No offense to any national groups but we are doing something different and unique that is not meant to challenge or disrupt any activities in our hobby. We will do our best not to hold events that are concurrent with planned SCA activities in Montana, as we strive to create more events in Montana not lessen them.

We own an event site large enough to hold events through spring/fall, and I'm looking at local real estate (within 15 minutes of my home) for camping/village/etc.

See here for the city map for Tortosa.

So Lets get on to the types of Personas that are available to the Outremer Society!