Q.What is Medieval Reenactment?

A. Medieval reenactment is a part of living history. Meaning we dress, and behave like we would in the middle-ages. One studies history, the arts even fighting styles in our understanding of the period. It's like Civil War reenactment covering the crusades of the 11th-13th century.

Q.Is it a game? Is it a LARP?

A. No, but it's fun and we do get to play. We can only do what we can really do in real life. If you a a great archer then you most likely will want to shoot arrows, if you want to be a great sword fighter you need armor and training. This is why training in various skills is important.

Status is based on operational ability, the bigger the pavilion, the better cut of cloth and kit makes it obvious what a persons status is. There are no ranks, levels or invented status....you are who you are able to be in real life.

A great artist is a great artist whenever or wherever in history, as is a great fighter or a great businessman. Who we are today is akin to who we would be in medieval times, and ones operational ability is ones only limits. Those being self-imposed by what we can do.

It's a medieval version of you, with all your talents and flaws. In real life, Kings and leaders don't gain status by winning a "one on one fight", or gain title from that... That's LARP. Instead, as in real life we allow status to emerge naturally.

We use real skills, not make believe ones like in a LARP or RPG. We are a educational group that will help you foster skills and provide a background for reenactment but it's not a game as you can't win or lose.

Q.What is a persona?

A. It is the medieval character you portray. It's acting or roleplaying and should be something you enjoy and are comfortable reenacting. You can portray anything reasonable to the era, but keep your eye on realism.  Don't call yourself an archer if you have no bow and don't shoot, likewise don't call yourself a Baron if you camp and dress like a commoner.

Anyone can increase in medieval status buy simply portraying it in real life. To be a blacksmith you must learn to do it, and provide goods. To be a Knight you must have a liege and a kit, squires, ect.

Q.I'm a member of another medieval group, what about my titles?

A. You can use any titles you have earned in other groups. We encourage members of other groups to play with us! (Exception Fantasy based groups (Such as most LARPS) must create a medieval persona to participate with us and can not transfer titles.)

Most outside foreign titles will be treated as un-landed, impoverished nobles unless they can show an operational ability to play their personas in kit and appearance. (Again standard practice, medievalists like Civil War and other reenactment groups use an operational ability. Play what you can afford and are willing to play.)

Q. What makes you different from other medievalist groups?

A. We reenact only the area of Medieval Tortosa circa 1100-1300ad. This creates a better reenactment for us overall. We also hope to have a very period feel with a active Church and valid background uniting our members. It allows the most varied types of people, while retaining realism and educational validity.

Unlike other groups we are not tied to outside interests, and all our energy goes to local activities here in Bozeman.  We can have events when and where we want and cover more subjects than national groups allow. National groups are great for wars, camping events and the like but not so much for local events. Especially when you want to hold monthly events when you want (as it was in period) and not be under the guidelines of a national corporation. We want it period, and in period Tortosa is a Templar Palatinate removed from the reach of any outside decisions. 

We don't give up half our profits to go to a national group, all profits go into the group.

We allow and promote Ecclesiastical persona portrayal, as these people are the living embodiment of whats Medieval, and more than any other persona improve the hobby by their very presence alone. They play the hardest personas to play for the least rewards, as was in period. We actively grant ecclesiastics all the powers they had in period.

We have Money, lol...well more than any group associated to any national group due to patronage. This is important to fund demo's, hold events, teach classes, buy camping gear, or running feasts. This allows us to be a free group, we don't need to profit from our members.

Q. Are you a Religious Group/Political/Other?

A. No, we are reenactors and are open to all faiths, beliefs and practices. We don't judge anyone's real world lifestyle, ethics or whatever. We are disinterested in all modernism's, we exist to reenact history as it was, or could have been... Real world beliefs should be left on the road when entering Tortosa for modern opinions makes one a bore and creates disunity to a group, as opinions will naturally vary.

Again we reenact what was or could be....not the asinine revisionism of "how it should have been"....

One can't reenact medieval life and ignore Religion with any validity, I've seen more idiotic persona's than not in reenactment ignoring religion. Many don't realize they portray weak personas by showing indifference or ignorance, regarding religion and practices of their persona. Either they are ignorant of their personas era of history in real life (Meaning they are ignorant in reality) or they are choosing to play a persona poorly and ignorantly (Meaning they are ignorant in persona)... It's lose/lose to character development unless your playing someone feebleminded or a village idiot.

The point is not to be a frothing fanatic but not acting like a Godless heathen either. Christians, Jews and Muslims all lived peacefully and respectful of each others religions and could display their religious practices, taboos and cultural traditions without problem. They expected to see it, and felt no hesitation showing it....This is "Medievalism as it should have been" and at least now is finally here. From the Dark Ages of "Medievalism", we at last can become Medieval.

Q.What is the Diocese of Tortosa/The Priory of Tortosa?

A. The Diocese: It's a re-creationist aspect of the medieval church of Tortosa and the outer villages. They reenact the ecclesiastic costume and politics of the church as well as providing added realism.

The Priory: The Templar Commandery running Tortosa, and to some extent the Diocese. Prior Helmut, is the Grand Prior of Tortosa and in period held extreme powers over the local Bishop of Tortosa. The Priory of Tortosa is also like a Household in the MSR, SCA, Marklands, ect. Except it's a group of tied persona stories based on region, and not family groups. One may be a member of one or more households and still be within the Priory.