The Holy Church of Tortosa

The history of Tortosa is wide and varied, and it affected the local churches. First of the Diocese of Tortosa was rather impotent, as the Templars who controlled the area was outside of a Bishops area of control. Second most local Christians followed a eastern/Orthodox rite that in turn affected the "Catholic" crusaders and Latin Church.

Tortosa is under the "Ecclesiastical Authority" of the Patriarchs of Antioch and Jerusalem. The Templars are under control of the Pope alone. So the Priests working for the Templars are not subject to the Bishop..but the Priests working for the diocese in theory are outside the Templar influence.

The practices in the Outremer looked much more Orthodox than Catholic to a modern observer but was still catholic. To simplify things we have the "Holy Church of Tortosa" that is made up of Members of the Holy Curia of Ecclesiastical Reenactors. Different branches have influence as listed on the chart below.