The Corpora, the BoD and the Board of Trustees

The Corpora

Duties and Responsibilities -- General

The Corpora exists to serve the needs of the society. It is the responsibility of the corpora to recommend revisions and addenda to the Charter; to provide heraldry to be used in common by the society; to co-sponsor gatherings at large intersociety events (i.e. Pennsic, Estrella, Gulf Wars, etc.); to maintain the Calendar of the society.

Presiding over matters of discipline

It shall be the responsibility of the corpora to preside over any inquiries which may result in sanctions against or removal of any member from the society. Should corpora find just cause for sanctions or removal, the case will be presented to the membership of the Society for dispensation as provided for in section IVE.

Ad Hoc Reservation

Corpora reserves for itself the right to make decisions regarding issues not specifically covered in the Charter. These decisions, called "Canons" will be placed second in precedence to the Charter.

The membership of the society has the right to appeal any Canon passed by corpora under this provision. Appeals must be submitted to the Canon Lawyer, who will then forward it on to the membership of the society. A 2/3 majority vote will be required to overturn decisions made by either Corpora or the BOD under these provisions.

All votes must be qualified with membership.
Composition and Membership

The corpora will be composed of 2 members chosen from the current membership of the society and 2 life long members, being the Scheiners who founded this society, investing much into this group and currently making this possible.

Any paid member is eligible to sit on corpora.

Members of the corpora are nominated to serve on the seat by the membership of the society. The candidate's membership will have been seconded by one or more of the current membership of the corpora, and elected by a simple majority of the membership of the society.

Nominations will be made to the President of the Society, who will then present the nomination to corpora for secondment. Once the required secondment is given, the candidate will be presented to the membership for approval.

The current membership of corpora will be considered elected by acclamation upon ratification of this section.

Officers of the Corpora 

President of the Society (CEO)

The President will have general oversight of the operation of corpora. He will be responsible for presenting candidates for membership of the corpora to the corpora and the society membership. He will also have the responsibility for presiding over matters of inquiry that could result in sanctions against or removal of any member, as provided for in sections IV.E. and IV.G.

Secretary of the Society (CCO)

The Secretary will be responsible for moderating the Society List, and maintaining the General Calendar of the Society.

Canon Lawyer (COO)

The Canon Lawyer will be responsible for submitting drafts of revisions, addenda, etc. to the Charter, as well as Canons passed as per section IV.G.2.c. Drafts will be approved by corpora before being submitted to the membership of the society for full ratification.

Exchequer (CFO)

This is our chief financial officer who keeps records for our group.


Board of Directors

This is an advisory board for creating new projects, building public works and planning events. It's open to all paid members of Sponsor level or higher,(in fact all Patron and Royal members are already members) to be elected by the voting membership as decided by the Prior..

The BoD will elect their own Director of the Board to bring up issues to the Cannon Lawyer to be decided by Corpora if funds are needed, and/or otherwise to just be informed.  Decisions of funding sent to Corpora will be judged and then sent to the Board of Trustees for decision.


The Board of Trustees

This is the panel that makes final decision upon the funding of the Society, these members must be in good standing and achieve Fellowship for at least 5 years. They must be sponsored by a Senior Fellow to join. Final decision rests with the Prior. They are under the Treasurer, who runs meetings and takes votes.