Secular Militias of the Outremer Society

Medieval military fraternities of the secular outremer.

One small yet vital source of troops in the crusader states were the militias, with true urban communes begining after the battle of Hattin in 1187.

Tyre was a example of a very brief (1187-88) failed attempt but they grew more important over time reaching their hights in the late 13th century.

Members can create their own confraternity, becoming legitimised by either the Prior the Bishop or the Mayor of Tortosa (exeption some other individuals can also serve as patrons.) Confraternites, brotherhoods or militias are private groups of fighting men serving the city proper and sometimes the Church if they so choose.

Many native born personas can be members of the Confraternity of Saint George. This is our first city wide order. To start a confraternity you need at least 3 fighters and a patron. They need a name and a simple heraldic device with a cross on their left shoulder if wearing a tabbard.

A Confraternity also needs a simple charter of at least 3 basic rules, and a leader called a Bailli. These rules can be as extensive as one wishes and should include in what capacity in battle will they serve, and to what patron in outright war.

The Templars
The City Guard  The City Guard
The Confraternity of Saint George
The Bishops Personal Guard