Arts and Sciences are a broad subject, but it is the area of replicating medieval skills and artifacts. From costuming to carpentry, its all A & S, and much of this is covered by our guild system. Guilds of Tortosa.  Also see Feasts


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Calendar of Medievalist Classes for Bozeman Montana for 2015.

Pewter Casting Workshop (for Shire of Silverkeep, SCA inc, at Castle Siege.) August 8th UPDATED! Thank you to all who showed up!

Blacksmithing 101 (OS class) September (UP NEXT)

Creating A Longbow (OS class/demo) October/November

Blacksmithing 102 (Monthly Classes) Starting November on the first Sunday of the month. 2 pm -5 pm

Creating Medieval Paternoster (OS class) December

Creating a medieval Block plane

-Blacksmithing 101- September

Blacksmithing 101 -Cost FREE to attend ($5 for materials to create a fork to cover cost of metal and charcoal.) This course is mostly explain DIY forge-building, and basic tools needed and their use.

Location Tortosa Manor (239 Golden Trout Way)


-Creating a Longbow- October/November

Creating a Longbow/Selfbow Demo - Cost FREE (See below)

Location Tortosa Manor (239 Golden Trout Way)

    This is a demo where Prior Helmut with create a period bow from base materials up to a completed bow between 35-70lbs of pull. If your interested in making a bow along with the Prior, give a call to Ally and I can get you a quote for materials (under $100) for everything needed. 

If I get a few folks I might be able to get materials for under $80/


-Blacksmithing 102- November

Classes will occur on the first Sundays of every month 2 pm -5 pm.

Done!-Pewter Casting Workshop- August 8th 2015 (Event over)

-By the Benevolent, Prior Helmut of Tortosa

Well the class was quite small and rain prevented any casting but procedure and period methodology was covered and it was great to see some old faces again. I'll be teaching Pewter classes at Tortosa Manor in the near future. Next class on the calender is BLACKSMITHING. (If serious interest asks for ALL DAY pewtering workshops exist and enough people will show I might hold some classes at my manor.)

The Prior has returned from pilgrimage, and is back to the pious creation of pilgrims badges and coins from his mint.

I'll have some basic tools at Castle Siege 2015, but if you have any yourself then I'd bring Chisels and carving sets, x-acto kits and perhaps a spare chair. It will be an all day workshop with occasional breaks and off topic tangents.  I'll be teaching the whole day until retiring to my nearby manor in the eve.

I have very limited amounts of Soapstone blanks,  that I'll be selling for $7 each. The class is free as is the first casting.

Creation of your own tools from steel bar stock, shaped with files into form will also be discussed. Covering chisels, augurs and other tools used in soapstone carving and pewter casting/processing.

Handouts (New) Best viewed with the Morris Roman Alternate font (PDF).

Basic Mold Making & Pewter Casting

OPP'S Left out of the handout but covered in class is that you need to scratch in air vents to allow flowing pewter to fill mold.


I'll be also answering questions on medieval arts in general, from making gall-ink, to period paint making, to gilding, to carving bone.

If time allows I may do a blacksmithing demo, perhaps making some soapstone cutting tools.

Update: I'll also cover counterfeiting in period, and using cuttlefish bone to replicate items in pewter.



What time does the class start?

A. Class will begin between 1 and 2 pm and go on all day until I return to my estate that evening. Weather permitting.

What kind of tools are needed?

A. Any woodcarving tools will work, and cheap $5 imported chisels on wood dowels are perfect, small dental tools and cheap all steel carving tools work well too.

Basic Tools under $7 at Amazon Updated

Inexpensive tools for soapstone (12 double edged tools with 24 blades, recommended ) under $16 with shipping at Amazon. Updated

Do I need any protection?

A. Some may want to wear eye protection while carving and must while casting. A smock to keep powder off your garb can help hugely. I'll have gloves on site for the casting .