Other Groups we like, have alliances or other such things... 

Kingdom of Acre A Great medievalist group, while they allow all personas from 1000-1600AD they concentrate on a period Crusader kingdom structure. Without a doubt the finest medievalist group of the whole eastern seaboard. Based in the tri-state area. A top notch group!
The independent Palatinate of Tortosa only has feudal ties to ACRE. Tortosa was granted to Prior Helmut in the 1990s by the Midrealms Templars to protect and then by Kingdom under the reign of Andreas and Adriana at Pennsic in 2010.

Kingdom of Artemisia Our local SCA Kingdom, while they also allow personas from 600-1600AD they are a lot of fun and a great Kingdom who we live within their territories (Though they have no authority over Tortosa) . King Damon of Artemisia signed the Templars charter and had a road named in his honor.

The independent Palatinate of Tortosa only has "feudal ties" to ACRE, alone. While Tortosa historically fights and and does service to the Kingdom Artemisia , Artemisia has no power nor influence over Tortosa officially, as Tortosa is within the authority of the Holy Kingdom of Acre.

The Shire of Silverkeep We are friendly with this shire, they allow a wider period of reenactment up til 1650ad.

The Priory of Tortosa The "Household" pages of the Templar Priory as it relates within the SCA, inc. (Defunct as we are no longer SCA)

The Barony of Safad The Barony of Safad homepage. Home of Robert de Tyre.

Company of the Outremer A SCA Crusader household. We have no official affiliation with them but have the same origin with the Commandery of Antioch. A very professional group.